Transparency is key to quality decision making and value enhancement, but it means much more than a see-through physical feature.

In business communication it requires establishing a disclosure standard and developing safe, interactive communication channels for making relevant, reliable and consistent information accessible, in a regular and timely basis.

Our value to your business is our unique capability to combine practice with a multidisciplinary theoretical background. We have experience in building such structures and a deep knowledge of businesses, economics and finance, capital markets and business communication.

    • Diagnosis of information needs and structure
    • Disclosure standard and information process structures development for communication
      • Benchmarking
      • Business model analysis and description
      • Communication channels and materials
      • Information sources mapping
    • Positioning discourse and equity story message development
    • IR function structuring
    • Board and executive workshops – preparation for investor, creditors
      and financial intermediaries
    • Board presentation and report models
    • Perception studies
    • Annual reporting – integrated portals and reports (IIRC Framework), sustainability reports, wrap-ups , Formulário de Referência and 20-F
    • Specialized financial content – MD&A (Inst. CVM480 Items 10 and 11), risk factors and explanatory notes in accessible language
    • Information packages for private equities, financial intermediaries, creditors and M&A transactions
    • Informational content – institutional and IR websites 
    • Earnings release models  
    • Investor and media investor kits and fact sheets 
    • Presentations


    • Corporate Governance
    • Economic and financial analysis for non-financial executives
    • Economic and financial analysis for accounting and finance executives
    • The business model
    • Going public
    • Capital markets
    • Investor relations for non-public and public companies
    • Pension and pension funds


    Our approach to executive education is guided by the will to help employees understand what is a business, its role in society, in one’s life and profession.

    It is important to show how corporate governance impacts their work. In teaching financial analysis to non-financial employees care needs to be taken with prejudices that may exist in underlying social values. 

    We deal with questions such as: How do companies make money? What is a business model? What is sustainability and how is it integrated to the company’s business. Why does a company go public? What are its pros and cons? What needs to be done to get there?

    In financial education and retirement we explain how societies support themselves by comparing very simple structures with our complex production chains and explaining how market economies work. We also explain the concepts behind government and private pension schemes answering the question: where does our pension money come from?

    • Pre-IPO IR structuring
    • Post-IPO IR team training
    • IR support during leaves of absence
    • IR support during crisis management and restructuring